2014-03-10 10.17.49 2014-03-10 10.43.24 2014-03-10 10.44.082014-02-24 11.03.09Welcome to the new website for the BP Walkers. Our group will use these pages to share photographs and information about previous walks and events we have enjoyed and to plan future walks and outings. Full details will be available in the password protected areas of this site so that they are only available to group members. If you are a group member and you need the password please get in touch with me.2014-03-10 10.47.12 2014-03-10 11.06.12 2014-03-10 11.56.492014-02-24 10.22.17

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3 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Well done to Super Sarah our BP Walkers’ Website Supremo!

  2. Thanks to Sarah and Ralph for organising today’s (April 22nd) enjoyable trip up to St Paul’s and the National Gallery to see van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Lovely to spend time with old friends! Margaret

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